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Modern Metal Wall Art Ideas

Modern Metal Wall Art Ideas - Glamorous Hangups Ltd

The Best Modern Metal Wall Art

There are many unique and unexpected ways you can use modern metal wall art in your home. Whether you have a more minimalist style or prefer a modern rustic home decor, incorporating modern metal wall art as accent pieces into your home can really bring out industrial touches in your home. You can incorporate metal art with gallery walls to create a rustic farmhouse feel or you can go ultra-sleek and modern and create a statement with one large piece.

Modern metal wall art can be both practical and decorative in your interior design. You can mix a variety of metals together for an eclectic modern look or go for a one-off maximum impact black metal wall art piece that is a focal point in your room.

Want to see our list of the best modern metal wall art? Keep scrolling and decide which is your favourite.

Hakuna Matata Metal Wall Art

Metal Art Animal Designs

Animal design modern metal wall art is one of the most popular of the genre. From statement lion heads to bees to more charming pet inspired dog and cat art, there is something for everyone.

Abstract animal metal wall art is a perfect statement to hang over a bed, sofa or desk. This style also works really well in the reception of a design or non-corporate minimalist office. This is because they are more dramatic and serious in style. These often have a statement animal such as a lion or majestic animal. They have gravitas, style and drama.

On the other hand, there are more fun-loving metal signs for animal owners that can be incorporated into a warmer, friendlier decor. Metal art such as 'dog mama' or a certain type or breed of favourite pet is really popular these days. This type of animal metal wall art is perfect for kitchens, boot rooms, laundry rooms and areas that are less formal but still need some great wall decor.

Metal Wall Art for the Bathroom

The bathroom has become a great place for cheeky and high impact art. As a small room, there is only space for one statement piece and metal art has become really popular to frame a bathtub or vanity.

Word metal wall art or metal signs are often the most popular as they can relate to bathing, toilet etiquette or any of the activities of the bathroom. A bit of humour and cheek go a long way in this particular form of bathroom art.

Metal Wall Art with Birds

Bird metal wall art is a good choice when you want to fill a landing, stairway or high vaulted wall. Birds in flight can follow the trajectory of the staircase or ceiling and draw your eye up to create a feeling of freedom.

Birds are a very popular form of metal wall art. This is because the birds can fit into areas that are less traditional spaces to place art. They also create a wonderful lightness of touch and sense of open space and being free.

Compass & Map Metal Wall Art

Compass and Map metal wall art is two of the most dramatic and statement-making versions of modern metal art. They are also two of the bestselling of this genre. Generally, they go together and are loved by travelers, free spirits, sailors or explorers of this globe of any kind.

It is a wall art that creates conversation and generally gives your room a flair and beauty. It is best displayed over a sofa or bed to create a strong focal point.  Or, hang it in an entryway to welcome adventure and inspire you every day on your way in and out.

Modern Metal Wall Art for the Hallway

This is a highly searched google term and a question people ask a lot. A lot of people really want the best metal wall art for their hallway. It is a narrow space to fill and is the perfect spot for wall art that comes as a series or a line of 3 or more items that travel up the hall with you.

Look for linear or ordered groups of art pieces that can tell a story or work in a space that needs the length filled in balance.

Four Elements Metal Wall Art

Metal Art in a Gallery Wall

Metal wall art should be used in a gallery as a highlight or as an anchor point around which all the other pieces are arranged. Using metal art is a great way to add depth and texture to any gallery that you design. Metal signs, stylised stag heads, abstract objects all work in gallery settings.  Use more 3D pieces to add texture and interest to your gallery.

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