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How to Style Hexagon Shelves

How to Style Hexagon Shelves - Glamorous Hangups Ltd

Creating the Perfect Shelfie…

When it comes to how you style hexagon shelves there is an endless combination of creative possibilities to try. Working out how to style hexagon shelves on your wall can be quite daunting if you have no experience. The answer is quite simple. Style hexagon shelves however you would like! The truth is that you can arrange your hexagon shelves in any way you choose to create an original wall feature, combining beauty with functionality. The problem most people find is that there are so many options that they do not know where to start.

The hexagon wall shelf, aka Honeycomb shelf, usually gets arranged as a wall feature - part practical and part art. It often replaces a traditional gallery wall or picture display.

You can use and style hexagon or honeycomb shelves in so many ways. This is a huge advantage and reason for their popularity. It also means that they suit most homes and are an easier alternative to a gallery wall. The unique shapes, the versatility and the ability to display personal decor are what draws people to using these shelves. Honeycomb or hexagon shelves are the perfect solution to housing personal items as well as creating a 3D gallery wall of personal object d'art.

Here are a few quick tips to help you style the perfect hexagon wall display.

Where will you hang your Hexagon Shelves?

Honeycomb and geometric shelves are suited for use in the home, modern office, restaurant or boutique hotel.

Take into consideration the room you are going to feature the display in, the furniture it needs to compliment and the size of your wall. You don't want the feature to clash in terms of style, colour or size with your existing decor or to overwhelm the room.

What Size is your Wall?

This seems quite obvious but when you are working out how to style hexagon shelves you need to be aware of the size of your wall and room. Some walls will look better with 3 piece displays, others can take a more dramatic 5 or more shelves as a large display.

Determine your requirements and purchase only the sizes and amount of units you need to ensure that the shelves complement rather than take over the wall space or room. Conversely, also don't go too small and then have this tiny shelf display drowning on an over large wall space. Stay in proportion.

What Style is your Decor?

Keep the style of your hexagon shelves in keeping with the overall theme of the room and sympathetic with design and colours. For example, if you have a Nordic-inspired room, stick with that theme and focus on being true to the surrounding furniture and decor. If you are going for rustic shelves then ensure that the heaviness of the rustic style will sit back with your furniture and with the items you are going to out into the shelves.

If you don't know your style, we have popped a few inspiration pics below and would suggest a good browse through Pinterest for ideas on what you think suits you.

What look are you trying to achieve?

You need the think about the overall look you are trying to achieve and then buy accordingly.

Do you want your wall shelves to be a heavy wood or a light touch rose gold metal? Is it for your office or a nursery? All of this will dictate the colours, texture and finishes you choose. If you are going for a nursery display then you might consider coloured shelves that are in keeping with the room decor or bright colours that your kids like. If you are decorating an office you may want to keep it minimal and discreet. 

Do you want to include plants? If so, what kind? This also will determine the shelf choice and arrangement. Think of the finishes you want to add further depth to a feature. Maybe you want to paint the inside for contrast or keep it natural? When decorating with floating shelves, all of these aspects need to be considered. 

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Mix and Match to Style your Hexagon Shelves

Mixing different combinations of painted and wooden shelves can create stunning effects. As can the mixing of different shapes and sizes. You can also mix colours and have wrought iron shelves in black, white and gold finishes. Some of the best displays are a mixture of geometric shapes grouped on the wall for visual interest and to allow for creative placement of knick-knacks.

What will you put in your Hexagon Shelves?

What are you going to put into them? A really good question to ask yourself when deciding on the shelves. What do you want to display? Is it books, air plants, ceramics, candles, photos. All of this needs to be worked out so you can match back the shelves in terms of size, load-bearing ability and overall aesthetic.

Hexagon shelves are ideal for displaying objects d’art, tiny ornamental plants and personal mementos and ornaments to great effect.

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Final Thoughts

So there it is, how to style a Hexagon Wall is mostly up to your requirements and creativity. Answer the questions above, pre-plan what you need to display. Consider the size and weight and let your personal style and preference prevail.

Get creative and style your hexagon shelves in various quantities, designs and sizes. Produce a stunning focal point that is endlessly functional and visually looks like art.

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