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Gallery Wall Decor Ideas that are Timeless

Gallery Wall Decor Ideas that are Timeless - Glamorous Hangups Ltd

Coming up with some great gallery wall decor ideas for your home is easier than you would think and taps into one of the hottest home decor trends of the past few years. It is a simple design tool that can easily reflect your unique style and showcase some of your most-loved treasures.

Gallery walls are one of the hottest wall art trends around right now and there is no sign of the trend going away. Having feature gallery walls in your home can have a massive impact on your interior design and are a stunning way to fill your walls.

There are so many gallery wall decor ideas that can suit your style and your price range that there is truly a gallery wall out there to suit everyone.

What should I include in a gallery wall?

Firstly, there are no rules for gallery wall decor. It is truly a reflection of your style and taste. However, some galleries have way more impact than others and there are some things to consider when putting your gallery wall together. You need to watch it with a very editorial eye. Start with a key picture and build around it. Make sure that it is cohesive and well planned with a theme pulling it together. Most importantly take your time to plan it and collect your inspiration. 

Check out our gallery wall decor ideas below to get started.

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Vintage Inspired Gallery Walls

Vintage galleries are generally eclectic, salon style informal gallery walls that look like they have been sourced from thrift and vintage stores all over the world. They are delightfully mis-matched in a wonderfully thematic way. If you are creating this type of vintage gallery wall you need to keep in mind a few tips:

  • They are more salon style (informal) so you need to mix up frames and make it eclectic. But do ensure they fit the overall theme. Don't be afraid to mix rectangle and square frames.
  • Add in mixed media such as doorknobs, sculptured taxidermy, vintage clocks, signs and mirrors. Again, keep it part of the theme but don't be afraid to mix media.
  • Source your art from various places such as vintage stores, grandma's attic or places where you can pick up artworks from another era. Also, integrate old family photos or pieces that have been handed down.

(Image Credit: Pottery Barn)

Retro Inspired Gallery Walls 

A close cousin of the vintage wall this gallery decor idea is a more modern retro look that is more about simple frames and vintage posters or black & white pictures. These you need to keep largely uniform and are better suited to a more ordered gallery wall design approach. The wall art usually features black and white photography or retro artwork and posters. This style works better with similar or same frames.  

(Image Credit:

(Image Credit: pinterest)

Quote Art Gallery Walls

Word art has become more and more popular and minimalist black and white quote word art has become hugely popular in the past few years. One of the most popular of the gallery wall decor ideas is now around quote art. Quote and word art is whimsical, humorous and can work really well in a minimalist or feminine room. Mostly it's a monochrome gallery but can often be peppered with touches of gold or pink. Many of these galleries also mix and match pictures or photos in them of a similar tone to break up the quotes. It is a great gallery to include or design customised art into. 

(Image Credit:

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Metal Wall Art Gallery Walls

Metal wall art is a hugely popular home decor choice these days and a great gallery wall decor idea. It is part sculpture and part wall art and delivers a massive impact on your walls. 

Metal wall art usually features in a gallery as a highlight or as an anchor point around which all the other art is arranged. It is a great way to add depth and texture to the gallery collection. Have one or two pieces mixed into your gallery. Make sure they fit your theme and the position as they will stand out. 

Metal signs, stylised stag heads, abstract objects all work in this gallery type. Like the quote art, it is something that is popular for people who want personalised artworks and often people customise names, phrases or create whole family photo galleries based off a central metal art focal piece. 

(Image Credit: Pinterest)

(Image Credit:

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Nursery Art Gallery Walls

Nursery wall art is just lovely. There are so many endearing and wonderful collections that one can arrange in a nursery. Nursery canvases are a lovely gift for the expecting mum. Just be sure to know what her nursery theme is!

There are a few things to keep in mind when creating nursery gallery walls:

  • Safety first! Don't place the gallery over a crib or change table. Life happens and things can fall off walls. Make sure (in the unlikely circumstance that it does) that you have your gallery wall placed in an area that any potential accident could be avoided. Also, place it out of reach of a child up to 5 years. Kids love to grab things and wall art should not be one of those things.
  • Secondly, keep it sympathetic to the theme of the room and try and choose art that can move on with your child throughout their childhood.
  • Third, have fun with it! This is a place to add soft texture, whimsy, fairytale touches and magic! Think outside the box and hang cute storage bags or soft toys amongst your more traditional wall art.¬†

(Image Credit: Ikea)

(Image Credit: Pinterest)

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Ceramic & Basket Weave Gallery Walls

Not all galleries have to be canvas based. A huge trend is to now feature ethnic or artisan plates and bowls. Choose from woven tribal to hand-painted ceramic. Or if you have inherited some lovely chinaware from mum or grandma that you will never use, consider turning it into a wall art display. These displays can add some colour and interest to a room and also lend to an overall room theme. Hang with plate grips or lean on wall shelves so you can easily swap them around. 

(Image Credit:

(Image Credit:

Rustic Gallery Walls

Rustic and Modern Farmhouse have to be the most pinned home decor inspiration on Pinterest such is the enduring popularity. Both rustic and farmhouse home decor are close cousins and both have a rural feel. Therefore, one must be clear when gathering gallery wall decor ideas on which style to go for. The difference is that rustic is more earthy, natural and unfinished looking. It is woodsy, dark and distressed in feel with exposed joints and finishing. It is all about reclaimed wood, distressed finishes and bygone era touches. For the gallery wall, it includes metal, distressed signage. Think old cabin in the woods and re-purposing your decorative items from that. Include interesting items like old signs, keys, dark metal wall art or stag heads.

(Image Credit: @colletteosuna )

(Image Credit: )

Modern Farmhouse Gallery Walls

Modern Farmhouse gallery wall decor is more refined, complex and polished than Rustic. It is lighter, family orientated and features farmyard themes and animals. Whilst it still has a used slightly rustic edge to it there is a lightness of touch and more country farm feel to it. 

In Modern Farmhouse design it shares more similarity with the shabby chic colour palette by tending to favour lighter colours and neutral palettes although still veer more to cream and yellow-based tones. This type of gallery wall features cows, roosters, horses, quote art celebrating America or bible verse art, maps and butcher referenced art. The range for this style can go from the more traditional country kitchen version like the picture in the left to a more modern minimal approach like the picture in the right. 

Modern Farmhouse walls today can also tend to incorporate shabby chic touches so expect to see mason jars, touches of pink and french impressionist landscapes.

Shabby Chic Gallery Walls

Shabby Chic is similar to Rustic and Farmhouse in that it essentially does the same thing with upcycled, distressed finishes, country touches and an era gone by feeling. It is also textural, eclectic and organic. Although it rarely includes family references like farmhouse galleries do. The big difference is that Rustic and Modern Farmhouse have a more American country cultural reference point whereas Shabby Chic, in its truest form, has a French or English country inspiration. 

Shabby Chic works with neutral colours on the white and grey spectrum such as light greys and whites with accents of soft pink and lavender or marine blues and greens. Gallery walls for all of these styles are usually very organic and feature mixed media such as signs, dried floral displays, mirrors, photos and word art. All three are very eclectic and very textural and these days so mixed together that very rarely does a whole gallery ever display one theme only.

(Image Credit:

(Image Credit: ig: @patina_pine via Pinterest)

Scandinavian Inspired Gallery Walls

It is no secret that Scandinavian style is the hottest style trend across home, fashion and lifestyle. Some of the most cutting edge trends and influencers are coming from Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands. Scandinavian style is well known for handcrafted, simple, ergonomic and functional design. Comfort, nature, simplicity and light all being key factors.

When it comes to creating a gallery wall make sure to be restrained, ordered, and think of craftsmanship, simplicity and a touch of hygge. Include elements of nature, minimalist black and white art and words. Also, look at neutrals with light colour wood frames and muted natural colours. Mostly though, keep it clean. Use black, white or natural wood frames and stay quite restrained in execution.

(Image Credit:

(Image Credit:i

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Boho Gallery Walls

Boho home decor and styling is all about eclectic and global collections. It is earthy, sometimes hippie, a bit spiritual and very much nomadic and free-spirited in feel. Use wall hangings, yoga and astrological references, macramé and mandala hangings, plants canvases or wall planters. Rams and deer heads are also popular along with any kind of ethnic or native cultural referencing. The colour palette is either very soft and natural or a goes graphic with darker tribal tones. Always include monstera leaf, cactus or palm accents.

(Image Credit:

(Image Credit: Pinterest)

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