Cocktail Hour

Channel your Inner Mixologist!

16pc Mixologist Cocktail Making Kit - Glamorous Hangups Ltd
Mix your own delicious cocktails with this professional 16 pc Cocktail Making Kit. This stunning bar kit includes everything you need to... Alle Einzelheiten

16pc Mixologist Cocktail Making Kit

Normaler Preis £69

Floating Bamboo Wine Bottle Holder - Glamorous Hangups Ltd
The Floating Bamboo Wine Bottle Holder is a beautiful way to combine function with design.  A single bottle wine holder with a difference,... Alle Einzelheiten

Floating Bamboo Wine Bottle Holder

Normaler Preis £40

Metallic Champagne Goblet
Serve up your favourite Marguerita, champers or prosecco in style with the Metallic Champagne Goblet.  With this stunning stainless steel goblet, you... Alle Einzelheiten

Metallic Champagne Goblet

Normaler Preis £25

Recipe Cocktail Shaker Set
Mix your own delicious classic cocktails with the Recipe Cocktail Shaker Set. This stunning cocktail shaker is a genius shaker that gives you... Alle Einzelheiten

Recipe Cocktail Shaker Set

Normaler Preis £35

Pineapple Cocktail Tumbler
Serve up your favourite cocktails with a twist with this Pineapple Cocktail Tumbler.  With this stunning stainless steel cocktail goblet, you can... Alle Einzelheiten

Pineapple Cocktail Tumbler

Normaler Preis £29

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